The Torsion Spring Lift against the Weight of Your Door

Find out if the torsion spring lift of your garage door is correct for the door’s weight.

The torsion spring carries the weight of your garage door when it opens. This is why it is very important that the spring is correct for your garage door’s weight. You can find this out by comparing the door weight against its existing spring lift.


Follow these steps:

  1. Weigh your garage door.
  2. Measure the torsion spring on your door.
  3. Identify what the track radius is.
  4. Find your spring in the Database by going to the column of the lift within the track radius.
  5. Now, compare the lift with your door’s weight. If it’s within 10 pounds of the total weight of the two springs, your existing springs should be able to balance the door when coiled correctly. You may buy springs that are the same as the ones you have now.

If your existing springs don’t appear in the database, call us. We’ll recommend a replacement spring for your door.